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Body Butter

Red Wing Smudge Fan

Charged Under Full Moon in Libra!

Smudge Fans are sacred tools used among many different cultures in ceremony and healing work.
Smudge Fans are also used to clear energy blockages, remove negativity, and to aid at purifying people and atmosphere. All materials are blessed.
Materials- We use Oak Wood, Turkey Feathers, Pheasant Feathers, Scrap Leather, & Fax Fur
Palo Santos, Sage, and Shell sold separately.



Full Moon Water Mist (In Libra )

This Batch of Full Moon Water Mist (in Libra) was made with intention to promote purification, balance, harmony, recalibration, and renewal.

2.7 fluid oz (80ml)


Reiki Charged Bath Salt

Our Reiki Charged Energy Cleanse Bath Salt is guaranteed to help wash away negative vibes and sooth sore muscles while promote relaxation. Perfect for spiritual baths.

5oz (140ml)

Made with natural ingredients! essential oils, epsom salt, dead sea salt, baking soda, dried herbs, dried flowers. Charged with reiki energy, rose quartz & clear quartz crystals.


Hematite Reiki Crystal/Herb Bottle Necklace

Our Hematite Reiki Charged Crystal Necklace on stretch cord is a definite vibe booster. It comes with 1 charmed bottle filled with protective herbs, crystals, black salt, 1 protective hasma hand charm for strength, blessings and deflecting the evil eye, and 1 choose joy charm in silver.
2 silver spacer beads and 1 black 10mm Round tourmaline bead. Necklace is approximately 24 inches long.



Promotes faithfulness, Love, anxiety relief, inner peace, and calmness


Supreme Nature

Unisex Jasper reiki charged crystal energy bracelet



Stamina, Libido, Luck, Balance Unisex Reiki charged crystal energy bracelet



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